Wyoming Advisory Panel for Students with Disabilities

About the Panel

The purpose of the Wyoming Advisory Panel for Students with Disabilities (WAPSD) is to advise the State in ways that promote services for children and youth with disabilities. The Wyoming Advisory Panel exists under the authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. The Panel shall serve as a forum by which issues and benefits regarding current and potential services to individuals with disabilities may be discussed by consumer, public, private, professional, and lay interests.

In order to promote issues that will help facilitate services for students with disabilities, the panel identifies barriers and provides advice related to the provision of quality educational services. The panel receives public comment; provides comments on special education rules and regulations; sets priorities; and engages in a variety of educational and public awareness activities around the state.

The panel is effective because of the diversity of members and the passion the members bring to each issue. There has been a substantial increase in commitment, desire to serve and participation in panel work. In the past year, there has been an increased willingness by all members to a commitment to the panel as a whole by actively participating in the panel meetings. One of the most significant contributions each panel member brings to the panel is his/her representation of a specific constituency.

Panel Functions

A critical component that contributes to the success of the panel is ongoing implementation of the panel functions as outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Act of 2004, including:

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